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Fishers mom creates post card company, inspired by her son and mom's snail mail connection

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Posted at 4:33 AM, Sep 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-14 07:32:04-04

A lot can be said in a text, or a phone call but waiting for a letter and then checking the mailbox seeing if your pen pal wrote back is something special, so special that a fishers woman decided make it easier for her family and others to stay connected.

The art of letter writing seems to be dying as technology continues to make advancements.

But for fifth grader Joseph Seabaugh, it helps him stay connected with his extended family

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Seabaugh penned a letter to his grandma. He talked about how he brings light into the world.

“I get to like to tell people like what's happening in my life and what I'm doing,” Joseph Seabaugh said.

It started in the height of the pandemic when Joseph couldn’t see his grandma in Florida.

“I didn’t really see often so I writed letters to her a lot,” Joseph Seabaugh said.

And he had a little nudging from mom.

“I had given Joseph a mom assignment is what I called them,” Erica Seabaugh said, “one of them was to write a letter every day. I didn't care if he sent it, I didn't care what he wrote about, I didn't care who he wrote to it was just to get him writing and keep him busy for a short window of time.”

Erica Seabaugh said her stepmom wrote back pretty quickly.

“They just like built this very organic sweet relationship of letter writing,” Seabaugh said.

This relationship between grandma and grandson sparked an idea for Erica Seabaugh, a post card kit to help relationships bloom and flourish.

And that was the birth of PostBook. PostBook is a post card journal with prompts, postcards and a safe place to keep your letters.

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Postbook is a letter writing journal that helps connect people young and old.

“It's been such an incredible labor of love and really just came from a very natural desire to help connect people, you know, especially at a time when we were so disconnected from the pandemic,” Erica Seabaugh said.

She said the biggest impact they’ve seen these kits make so far is with the older population, its helping with loneliness and their overall health.

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Joseph Seabaugh checks the mailbox to see if there are any new postcards in the mail for him

They have created different post book kits whether it be for grandparents, or larger groups.

Visit shoppostbook.com to learn more.