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IMS to take major steps toward sustainability this May

Posted at 2:55 PM, May 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-14 11:32:29-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Motor Speedway says they will have the most sustainable Indianapolis 500 yet this May as the first sports facility certified through the Council for Responsible Sport.

The council sets a new standard based on the principles of power of sport, resolution of climate change, and enablement of social justice and business of sport.

Today, Penske Entertainment announced several eco-friendly initiatives that are planned for the facility.

In particular, the company said they will "double down" on surrounding waste reduction and reusability, including:

  • A partnership with Key2Work, an indianapolis-based nonprofit that help homeless citizens transition into the workforce, to sort and prepare recyclable materials throughout the venue
  • The replacement of plastic cups with recyclable aluminum cups
  • A "continued and elevated" partnership with Gleaners Food Bank to reduce food waste and give back to people in need
  • A commitment to composting food and other materials, through a partnership with RE317, a local woman-owned business that takes food scrapes from kitchens, suites and concessions to a composting facility
  • New plant-based retail bags provided by local, minority and woman-owned Utopia Plastix
  • An expanded line of sustainability focused merchandise, including a mobile, electric powered retail store

In addition, INDYCAR and IMS said they have committed to using a 100% renewable race fuel, developed by Shell and composed of second-generation sugarcane waste.

Firestone and Shell have also partnered to create a tire made from recycled butadiene, a monomer produced with recycled, post-consumer plastic waste to create a synthetic rubber in the tire. "This will be used in all race tires – practice, qualifying and race – during the Month of May," IMS said.

You can find the full Penske Entertainment’s “Accelerating Change: Racing Toward A More Sustainable, Inclusive Motorsports Industry” report, which was released earlier this morning, here.

IMS and INDYCAR both launched sustainability hubs today under the banner of “Racing Toward Zero.” You can visit the IMS page here and the INDYCAR page here..