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Indy Mentor Network takes youth on transformational trip

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Posted at 9:43 AM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-03 20:42:37-04

INDIANAPOLIS — During the pandemic, an alliance was formed. The Indy Mentor Network teamed up with a virtual village to help young people stay connected and give them a place to express themselves but once in person became an option an adventure was planned.

At the height of the pandemic the teenagers used Zoom to stay connected now they've turned off zoom and taken the meet-up on the road.

“We took two charter buses a total of 86 people this is hugely about giving experiences and opportunities they haven't had,” said Chrystal Hines.

Hines founded the inner beauty program, a program that helps guide young women into adulthood. Hines along with her husband who also runs a nonprofit geared towards helping young men decided the pandemic was no time to wallow instead they teamed up with other programs in Marion County to form the Indy Mentor Network and stayed active.

“We started to have a Saturday zoom call where we could decompress,” said Hines.

That experience grew to include young people from Pennsylvania, and New York City once restrictions were lifted a trip was planned to unite the young people.

“Just to see their face getting off the bus going into the nice hotels Going to times square and it’s all lit up that does it for us," said Hines.

For more information, visit Myinnerbeautyprogram.org.