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Hormel Is Releasing Ranch-flavored Bacon

Hormel Is Releasing Ranch-flavored Bacon
Posted at 9:35 AM, Oct 27, 2020

Hidden Valley makes Bacon Ranch dressing, and you can buy all kinds of bacon-ranch flavored snacks, like cashews and popcorn, proving the two flavors are a dream team. But ranch-flavored bacon has somehow been missing from the market — until now!

Hormel announced that it has a new flavor of thick-cut bacon: The Black Label Ranch Thick Cut Bacon, which is rubbed with ranch seasoning and smoked. We’re sure you know someone who loves to put ranch on everything and will rejoice about this new bacon flavor.

“Our team combined America’s favorite condiment with thick-cut bacon to create Hormel Black Label bacon hand-rubbed with ranch seasoning,” said John Hernandez, brand manager, Hormel Foods, in a press announcement.


Just imagine all the bacon-wrapped appetizers you can make by using this ranch-flavored bacon, from bacon-wrapped hot dogs to bacon-wrapped asparagus. Ranch-flavored bacon would be great crumbled on a Cobb salad or layered in a BLT sandwich.

And if you need some more culinary inspiration, Food Network has 50 ideas of things you can make with bacon.


Hormel is also releasing a new Classic Country Style Thick Cut Bacon that’s smoked for more than 10 hours. Both new bacon flavors are available in 12-ounce thick-cut bacon packages and can be found at select Walmart and SpartanNash stores, a grocer in the Midwest.

Of course if you love the combo of bacon and ranch, Hormel has recipes for decadent dishes like Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Ranch Dip.

If you can’t track down the ranch-flavored bacon, you could try making it at home with your own premium cuts of bacon, dusted with Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning and set to sizzle on your griddle.

While we’re on the topic of bacon-forward inventions, Hormel Foods also has a bacon-scented face mask. You can register to win one here.

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