‘Jarcuterie’ makes charcuterie boards an easy grab-and-go snack

‘Jarcuterie’ makes charcuterie boards an easy grab-and-go snack
Posted at 11:05 AM, Jul 11, 2023
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Charcuterie boards are still taking social media by storm. These traditional meat and cheese platters served at dinner parties first went viral as creators turned charcuterie boards into practical works of art.

Eventually, the trendy boards shifted from appetizers to sweeter varieties, such as birthday boards and pancake platters.

But these charcuterie boards all have one thing in common: they are meant to feed a crowd. What if you could have a charcuterie-style treat that you could easily carry?

Enter the jarcuterie trend!


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Jarcuterie started to gain traction during the COVID-19 pandemic as people shied away from buffets and family-style serve-yourself meals. But the convenience of having everything in a single jar makes jarcuterie a fabulous option for parties or even on a daily basis.

Plus, an individual jar of charcuterie eats is a healthier option than the traditional buffet style. The jars are an ideal portion size for one!

If you like the idea of everyone having their own jarcuterie, you’ll love how easy they are to put together. TikTok creator Elizabeth LaBau (@sugar.hero) posted a 30-second video demonstrating how quick they are to whip up!

@sugar.hero #ad Charcuterie boards are SO last year. This year, we’re all about the JARcuterie! – with @savorrecipes #snacks #jarcuterie #jarcuteries #charcuterie ♬ original sound – Elizabeth LaBau

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Of course, you can create a sweet treat version of jarcuterie if that’s more your style. Check out this version that brings together candy and your favorite savory charcuterie snacks from TikTok user @kelleywithlove

@kelleywithlove Quick Galentine’s treat for your favorite girls! #galentinesday #galentines #galentine #galentinesdaygift #galentinesparty #jarcuterie #charcuterie ♬ Taste It – TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™

If you need more inspiration, you can pick up an entire book with ideas!

“Jarcuterie: Elevate your Appetizers and Snacks with Grazing Cups for Holidays, Special Occasions, and Just for Fun” by Suzanne Billings is available on Amazon for $18.86 (hardcover), $11.99 on Kindle or for free for Kindle Unlimited members.


Ready to make your first jarcuterie? We have a few jar recommendations for you to get started.

The 15-pack of8-ounce Verones Mason Jars is on sale at Amazon for $19.51. Their diamond-cut design gives the jars an added touch of elegance, and there’s lots of space to add in a variety of foods.



Or, you can pick up a set of 12 Ball quilted pint mason 4-ounce jars at Walmart. They are marked down at Walmart for only $11.97 (regular retail price of $27.19) for a limited time.


Finally, over on Etsy, you can pick up a set of 20 plastic cups/jars complete with lids and spoons for $7.20 from the seller GardenPartySocial.


How will you customize your jarcuterie this summer? Share your ideas!

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