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Jimmy Fallon Challenged John Travolta To Do Impressions Of Himself And The Video Is Hilarious

Posted at 9:21 AM, Aug 19, 2019

Last week, late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon dared to ask, “Who is the better John Travolta?” Was it Fallon — or the actual John Travolta?

When Fallon had Travolta on as a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” he challenged the actor to a battle of impressions, for which each of them would have to role-play a random selection of Travolta’s iconic roles from the past.

The battle began with Fallon doing an impression of the character Tony Romero in “Saturday Night Fever,” perhaps one of Travolta’s best-known movie roles.

“It just feels so weird doing it right next to you,” Fallon said to Travolta before tossing off a line.

“I don’t know if I can beat that,” Travolta said, and then went on to kill it with impression after impression, including Danny Zuko from “Grease” and even Castor Troy from “Face/Off,” for which he had to pretend to be Nicolas Cage pretending to be John Travolta. (Just try to wrap your mind around that.)

They ended the segment by doing the Vinnie Barbarino dance from “Welcome Back, Kotter” together. Ultimately, Travolta proved he’s still got it.

Watch the full “John Travolt-Off” here:

It’s hard to believe that Travolta is 65 years old. He still dances like his 20-year-old self!

Travolta has been in more than 60 films throughout his expansive career, beginning with “Welcome Back, Kotter” in 1975, and he’s still going strong. In his latest film, “The Fanatic” — which is set to be released on Aug. 30 — Travolta plays a stalker who is obsessed with his favorite action star.

He proves how diverse and powerful his acting skills truly are in this dark movie:

Travolta has recently been making the rounds to promote the new movie. Plots about crazed fans notwithstanding, he even attended a fan expo in Boston. After all, as he told CBS Boston, he’s only ever had pleasant experiences with fans.

In this tweet from @CraigSemon, we see Travolta dancing onto the stage at the expo to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell,” a tune from a scene in “Pulp Fiction” in which he and Uma Thurman’s character enter a twist competition:

Dancing remains a huge part of Travolta’s life and career, and he said in a recent interview that he “absolutely” could still do the moves from “Grease.” He even recently appeared in the Pitbull music video, “3 to Tango.”

Travolta really can do it all!

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