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Disney’s New ‘princess Hotline’ Lets Kids Hear From Moana, Tiana And Ariel

Disney’s New ‘princess Hotline’ Lets Kids Hear From Moana, Tiana And Ariel
Posted at 9:15 AM, Aug 25, 2021

Did you have to cancel a much-anticipated trip to Disney World or Disneyland due to the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you are not alone: Even though Disney parks have re-opened, many people are still cancelingtheir Disney trips due to concerns over the delta variant.

But there is some good news: Even if you cannot make it to Disney right now, you can still get to enjoy interacting with your favorite Disney princess from the safety and comfort of your home. Disney has just rolled out their new Ultimate Princess Hotline for kids who want to hear from their favorite Disney princesses, including Moana, Ariel and Belle.


The new hotline is in honor of Disney’s first-ever World Princess Week, and when parents call the number, they can help their little ones select messages from their favorite princesses in order to hear inspiring messages about courage and kindness.

Here’s how it works: From now until Aug. 29, parents can call 877-70-DISNEY (877-703-47639 — yes, it does have an extra digit) to hear messages from five of Disney’s most beloved princesses: Moana, Ariel, Belle, Tiana and Jasmine. Listen to the prompts from the recorded operator, and then choose which princess you want to hear. You can listen to them all, so don’t feel pressured to just pick one.

Each princess gives a short, sweet talk about their lives and the importance of following your dreams and being kind to people around you.


And, if you have a “Frozen” fan in your family, you can also hear from Anna and Elsa if you visit

You can also celebrate Disney’s World Princess Week by checking out some of their discounts on everything from Disney resort deals to princess merchandise. There’s also new Princess merch that Disney just dropped, including plushes and Lego sets. And be sure to visit Disney’s Ultimate Princess page to access recipes, crafting projects and music videos.

You can see the full list of Ultimate Princess offerings at the Disney Parks blog.

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