Bloomington 6-year-old gives back to Riley children during holiday season

Annie Evens gives back
Posted at 11:18 PM, Dec 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-31 22:49:37-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A Bloomington 6-year-old turned her passion into a way to give back this holiday season.

Annie Evens is a first grader who loves to paint. Her mom Elizabeth Wright said one Saturday this month Annie told her she wanted to sell one of her paintings to raise money in order to buy presents for kids in the hospital.

Elizabeth put Annie’s photo on Facebook for a two-day auction.

"She thought she was going to make $80. I thought she was going to make $20,” Elizabeth said.

CREDIT: Elizabeth Wright

Instead, Annie sold her painting for $455. The winning bid went to close family friends. It is already hanging in their house.

After shopping for presents, Annie and her mom dropped off the gifts to the Riley Cheer Guild on Monday.

CREDIT: Elizabeth Wright

“I want to raise money for kids so that we can buy toys for here so they couldn't be bored,” Annie said.

“Just the thought of having a sick child is heartbreaking and they're not alone and I know everybody says it takes a whole village, but it takes more than a village, it takes the whole world," Elizabeth added.

Annie’s donations will go to kids over the holidays and some will be saved to give at a later time next year.

The Riley Cheer Guild is always looking for donations — especially post-holiday season. For those interested in donating, click here.