Indy TenPoint Coalition: Our work is more important than ever

Respond to recent Indianapolis violence
Posted at 12:40 AM, Jan 28, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — For more than two decades, members of the Indy TenPoint Coalition have made it their mission to find solutions to scale back the city's violence problem and end youth violence altogether. Their work is ramping up in light of recent events that have shocked so many.

Wednesday night, Indy TenPoint did not let the snow stop them from one of their nightly walks on the city's west side. They met up at Barnes United Methodist Church where Rev. Dr. Charles Harrison is a senior pastor along with leading Indy TenPoint Coalition.

Because their goal is to reduce urban youth gun violence and addressing other pressing issues in our community, WRTV asked Reverend Harrison about the mass shooting that took place on Adams Street. He said it is yet another reminder about why the work they're doing is more important than ever.

"When you start developing relationship with these young people, you start hearing things," Rev. Harrison said. "If there's a young person that potentially could do something like this, they would certainly be on our radar screen and we would be trying to get that individual help."

Rev. Harrison went on to say that when they make connections in the community, they're also able to get people to more resources, potentially preventing young people from making bad choices that could impact the rest of their lives.