League of Miracles: Providing an opportunity for kids and adults with special needs to play sports

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Posted at 9:22 PM, Oct 08, 2021

MORGAN COUNTY — Hoosiers with special needs often don't get the opportunity to play sports or be a part of a sports team.

That is why leaders with the League of Miracles in Morgan County are sharing their mission with WRTV, hoping to reach even more families.

"As soon as he stepped out on the field, it was smiles from ear to ear," Ryan Daniels said about his son Bentley. "It was one of those things if you could capture it in a photo, it would be cherished for life."

Daniels says Bentley has a lot of energy, like most 5-year-old boys. However, he didn't know if he'd ever see him out on the field.

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Bentley says his favorite part about playing baseball is batting.

"When he was two, he was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain. We had surgeries for it," Daniels said.

Due to Bentley's medical condition, he can't participate in contact sports. The League of Miracles is a perfect fit.

"Doesn't matter skill setting or disability, can't do this can't do that, get out there and play the sport. Play for the love of the game. Swing until you hit it," Daniels said.

The league is a fun, safe & non competitive program for children and adults with special needs. Games are played on a synthetic surface field allowing players in wheelchairs to circle the bases as well.

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League of Miracles

"These kids are so smart and they can do anything you can do, they just do it differently," Rebecca Sinders said.

Sinders is a volunteer and a member of the League of Miracles board. On game days, which take place on Thursdays and Saturdays, you can find her behind home plate and her husband on the pitcher's mound.

"My husband and I say there is nothing we would rather spend our time doing. You come out and you're in a bad mood because of your day and when you leave you are in a good mood," Sinders said.

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This is kind of a family day for us, my husband pitches and my niece announces," Rebecca Sinders said.

League of Miracles just added an adult league this year for 9th graders and older, after many of the kids aged out of the youth league and still wanted to play.

"As a father, seeing the smile on all the other kids faces, it brings joy to everyone," Daniels said.

The baseball season ends October 16th. The next season will start back up in August of next year.