Local bridal stores are helping brides impacted by Gretchen's Bridal Gallery closure

WRTV continues to search for answers for brides-to-be.
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Posted at 8:03 PM, Jul 03, 2024

Emma Randall never thought she would be back in a bridal store discussing options for another wedding gown.

"There's not going to be a dress exactly like that one," Randall said.

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The bride-to-be found her dream dress at Gretchen's Bridal Gallery on 82nd Street in Castleton in May. Her wedding is in August 2025.

"It was amazing! I tried it on and said, 'Oh my goodness this is the one,'" Randall said.

On Tuesday, she found out Gretchen's Bridal Gallery is now permanently closed. A sign on the door states the landlord has changed the locks.

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Indy bridal shop closes unexpectedly leaving brides-to-be with questions

"My heart sank to my stomach. I got really sick. I was like, 'Am I not going to get it? Where is my dress going to go?' I had so many questions," Randall said.

WRTV called Gretchen's Bridal Gallery, but the call doesn't go through.

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Gretchen's Bridal Gallery's website and social media pages are also no longer active.

Records WRTV found from the Indiana Secretary of State's office shows the business is registered to Joe Reynolds and Gretchen LaShell.

We went to the address in Zionsville listed on those state records. The homeowner says Joe and Gretchen are the previous residents.

She says they continue to use her address despite her moving into her Zionsville home several years ago.

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WRTV also reached out to Broadbent Company. The real estate company tells WRTV they discovered on July 1 their tenant, Gretchen's Bridal, had permanently closed for business.

The statement said the following:

After several failed attempts to contact the owners, the landlord changed the locks on the premises to secure the space and its contents. The Broadbent Company appreciates the burden that the closing has placed on brides-to- be, and will work with them to help reunite them with their dresses. Customers that have proof of purchase for gowns at Gretchen's Bridal should contact The Broadbent Company at 317-237-2900 during normal business hours.
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Meanwhile, local bridal boutiques are stepping up to help brides impacted by the closure of Gretchen's Bridal Gallery.

"It breaks my heart for the owner of the store and it breaks my heart for all the brides feeling lost and unsure if their gowns will get here on time or not," Adrienne Love, The Wedding Studio Owner, said.

"We have been fielding calls over and over again from brides that are panicked and worried and we've just been trying to get all their information," Jessica Limeberry, Sophia's Bridal & Tux Owner, said.

Love has received at least 30 calls already from brides impacted who need help figuring out what to do next.

"The biggest thing is for brides to call us and let us know, 'Hey, I've ordered my dress and I do not have it. Can you help me make sure it is coming? If not, what do I do from here' and we can step in at that point," Love said.

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Love and Limeberry are working together with a shared spreadsheet of brides that have reached out that they are helping. They say this situation is bigger than just one business closing.

"When this happens, it can put a bad rep on the whole industry. So, we just want to show them we care. We are in this industry because we want to make people really happy," Limeberry said.

"It means so much. I know weddings are expensive and the fact they are willing to help it means a lot to me," Randall said.

On Wednesday, Emma received an email from Gretchen's Bridal Gallery. The email said she will be receiving her dress very close to the date promised in November.

She was put in direct contact with the designer who confirmed the order and is working on the dress.

Emma already paid the full balance on the dress and won't owe any more money. She created a Facebook page to help other brides impacted by this situation.

If you want to file a complaint, you are encouraged to do so through the Indiana Attorney General's Office. The AG's office already has one complaint about Gretchen's Bridal.

Marie Gabriel Bridal reached out to WRTV to share the following information with brides:

For any bride affected by Gretchen’s closure, we’re going to offer an additional special discount to help as we know sometimes they never recover the money spent there. Additionally, our Marie Gabriel Alterations department is ready to immediately work with brides after their gown has been purchased to make sure they’re ready and perfect for their wedding day.