Local florist, The Flower Boys, welcome walk-ins in Fletcher Place

Meet Jake and Jake, better known as The Flower Boys
Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 14, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS — Two college friends work to grow their floral business in the Fletcher Place neighborhood.

Meet Jake and Jake, better known as The Flower Boys.

The story starts with Jake Smith's grandfather. He was a Dutch farmer known for growing gladiolas.

The green thumb was passed down to Jake's parents who operate a floral business in neighboring Ohio.

Then it moved to Jake and his friend, Jake Rupp.

The friends and full-time realtors wanted to go into business together and kept coming back to the blooms.

In 2017, they brought their business, The Flower Boys, to the City Market where they sold florals and worked weddings and events for years.

the flower boys

But the pair wanted to be more grounded, and stumbled upon a space in the Fletcher Place neighborhood.

It was an abandoned building that they transformed into a flower shop, with a stem wall as the centerpiece.

the flower boys

They have a team of experts on hand like Mel Lahti, their event and retail manager, to assist you in creating your own bouquet.

Mel walked us you through some steps for making those stems look extra special:

The Flower Boys

Walk-ins are welcome here at The Flower Boys. They have a cooler full of pre-made arrangements, a co-working space, classes and workshops, the stem wall and more.

You can find them on social media or online.

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