Working for Good: Send us your stories of the good being done in the central Indiana community

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Posted at 11:31 AM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 11:31:40-04

WRTV is Working for You by Working For Good. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing stories highlighting positive things people in your community are doing every day to make central Indiana a better place to live.

As students return to school in an all-new COVID environment, we’re looking for submissions from teachers, parents, and students telling us short stories about themselves or someone else who has impacted them. Stories will be published on the WRTV website and social media accounts.

Stories should be told in the first-person and should give us a glimpse into your daily life and how it’s been positively impacted by another member of the community. Is your child’s teacher going above and beyond to help their students succeed through this unprecedented time? Has one of your students done something special for a classmate? We’re looking for stories of Good, big or small.

Below is an example of a recent story submission.

"We have made it through week 1! As a mom of 3, with one needing extra help, this week was challenging. Prior to March, my middle son has never in his almost 8 years gone more than a month without in-person services. We are a little over 5 months into a new normal (and our old normal looked vastly different than it does for most), and it’s hard. Really, really hard. My son normally relies on 4 therapists, 2 teachers, 3 aides, his daily interactions with admin when entering the school building, and his peers. All of that has been reduced to me plus a screen.

Because of COVID and our high rate of community spread, it isn’t safe for us to go anywhere. You see, my sweet middle boy doesn’t understand distancing. His tiny airway makes breathing through a mask hard, plus he has major oral aversions after wearing a nasal cannula for his first 2 years. So, we stay home, and will continue to do so probably for a very long time.

I share this because it makes us that much more appreciative of our experience with virtual learning this week. My 6th grader’s teachers have been rocking it! He is doing great with very little help from me - which is good because helping my younger 2 is more than a full-time job. And, my 2nd grader’s teachers have been more than wonderful. Doorstep material drop-offs, revising his schedule, answering emails at all hours, working Harder. Than. Ever. to create meaningful lessons and keep him engaged! Virtual isn’t easy for anyone, but these ladies seriously have amazed me all week long.

I’ll tell you another cool thing - prior to the shutdown, my son only had about 10 verbal words (names of immediate family & favorite toys). He relied on a communication device (the poster in my picture is a pic of the main screen) and signs to communicate. Since being in his comfort zone 24/7, his verbal skills have EXPLODED. He’s now speaking in sentences and reading books aloud.

Thank you, HSE!!! The joy on this boy’s face after another doorstep drop says it all. We can do this.❤️"

How to submit:

Send your story and a photo that can be used on our website, social media accounts, and on-air in an email to with the subject line Working for Good. In addition to your story, please include the following details:

  • First and last name
  • City
  • Phone number

These details are so that our staff can contact you should we have any questions, and will not be used for publication.

Stories may be edited for clarity.