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Top 6 family-friendly bars in Indy

Posted at 8:40 PM, Nov 25, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS – Bars and children typically don’t mix, but when restaurant management designs the perfect environment for both adults and those underage, everyone gets what they want.

No matter if you’re a new parent or have been one for a while, we’re sure there has been certainly a time where you’ve wanted to grab a drink.

Maybe you’ve had a long day at work, or maybe you simply want an adult beverage with your chef-cooked meal.

If you can’t manage to get to traditional bars for adults only, try out these six places in Indy where you can order blended cocktails, craft beers and watch a sports game or two – with your children.

By the way, each of these places all have kids’ menus.

You can learn more about these bars in the video player above, and you can find their locations in the map below.