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Food on the Flye: Scrumptious sweets at Mama P's Bakery & Cafe

Posted at 6:36 PM, Oct 04, 2017

How did she know strawberry cupcakes are my favorite?

I've never met Mama P, yet when I walked in the door of her bakery, there they were, giant strawberry cupcakes, with strawberry icing and strawberry cake crumbs on top, staring right at me! 

Ok, so they weren't specifically for me.

I just happened to be there the day that seven huge strawberry cupcakes were displayed on a silver platter, surrounded by cookies, gourmet cheesecake, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie.

On top of all that, Mama P herself was coming out from the kitchen carrying several plates of chocolate cake slices glistening with chocolate icing.

She had all of those mouthwatering temptations perfectly placed on a table for a special event, but it's a sampling of what you can find at Mama P's bakery on the northwest side of Indianapolis every day.

You can get a single serving, or order whole cakes in flavors such as banana, red velvet, carrot, and cookies and cream or whole pies including apple, chess pie, and peanut butter pie. 

I headed straight for the jumbo strawberry cupcake that I could barely get my hand around. It was moist, flavorful and delightful, with a light creamy icing.

Mama P also makes cakes for any occasion, sculpted with unique decorations and brilliant designs.
The family-owned Mama P's bakery, located at 3990 Georgetown Road, offers many other sweet treats in a wide range of flavors and fillings from muffins to macaroons and much more. 

They welcome special orders and vegan is also available. 

If you can't wait to indulge in your scrumptious sweets, you can eat at tables in the bakery's cafe area. It's not just sweets, there's also a selection of home-cooked meals on the menu. 

Half of my jumbo strawberry cupcake was gone before I left the building, and the other half will be a wonderful late night sweet treat.

Mama P's Bakery & Cafe is part of the Savor the International Marketplace event offering special meal deals Oct. 1 - Oct. 15. 

Learn more about the Savor the International Marketplace here. 

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