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When does flu season begin?

When does flu season begin?
Posted at 5:25 AM, Sep 16, 2015

The flu is coming.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention takes steps annually to increase seasonal flu prevention throughout the United States. It has already begun issuing information on the coming flu season, which it says begins in the fall, peaks in January, and can last all the way into May.

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Older people and children have a higher risk of getting complications from the flu. Researchers said earlier this year the average adult age 30 or older likely only gets the flu once in five years

Children are susceptible to getting it every other year on average.

Because flu viruses constantly change, preventative shots are available on an annual basis, though scientists are working to create a shot to last a lifetime. Flu vaccinations are often available at local health clinics and pharmacies by September and October. 

Flu vaccinations are recommended for anyone age 6 months and older, according to the CDC.