Here's where Indiana ranks for 2020's best and worst states for singles

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Posted at 7:30 AM, Feb 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 07:30:30-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis may be the best city to be in for cuffing season, but that doesn't mean the Hoosier state is the best place for single people looking to mingle all year long.

Indiana is teetering between the worst and the best ranks in Wallet Hub's recently released study '2020's Best & Worst States for Singles,' coming in at 24. Just barely making the mark in the best half. Nonetheless, making it in the better half.

The study surveyed each state's dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance and fun.

Here's how the top ten best states for singles rank:

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. New York
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Ohio
  7. Illinois
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Michigan

Here how the top ten worst states for singles rank:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Arkansas
  3. North Dakota
  4. New Mexico
  5. Wyoming
  6. Kansas
  7. Kentucky
  8. Alaska
  9. Alabama
  10. Mississippi

The finance site looked at factors like dating costs and the number of single adults to compile the list.

Three out of Indiana's four surrounding states — Illinois (seven), Michigan (ten), and Ohio (six) — all placed in the top ten best states for single people.

Where you live could play a big part in dating and finding love.

"Besides your looks, personality, interests, and employment status, your location can influence your odds of finding a romantic partner," Adam McCann, WalletHub's financial writer, wrote in the release. "Everyone has different priorities when searching for love, but certain places simply make dating easier than others."

WalletHub's study also revealed Louisiana is the state with the highest share of single adults, and Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa have the lowest percentage of single adults.

Washington, New Hampshire, and Colorado have the most opportunities for digital dating.