1980: 'Alcohall of Fame' planned for Bourbon, Indiana was worth a shot

Posted at 5:30 AM, Jan 16, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Shortly after ringing in the new year in 1980, former Channel 6 reporter Reid Duffy snagged a scoop on a project so awesome in scope and design, it was virtually beyond the comprehension of a sober man.

While enjoying a round at J. Ross Browne’s Whaling Station on Indy’s northwest side, fabled original thinker Keith Bratton revealed his plan for his Alcohall of Fame on Jan. 2, 1980.

The exhibit would pay tribute to the valuable contributions alcohol has played on our growth as a nation, our military superiority, technology and the arts.

The plans included a room for comedian and Hoosier native Phil Harris, a room for Dean Martins’ shot glass collection and an empty room for prohibitionist Carry Nation.

Bratton’s plans called for the Alcohall of Fame to be built in Bourbon, Ind.