1982: Color charting promises revolutionary approach to good looks

Posted at 5:35 AM, Aug 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-18 16:56:10-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Do you know which colors are the most flattering for your body color? That was the question Sherry Boram of Color 1 sought to answer 40 years ago.

Consumer reporter Barbara Boyd had a color course with the color consultant in the summer of 1982.

Color charting was a new personalized service that charts color based on a person’s natural body color. Color 1 consultants had more than 600 swatches to reference when finding the perfect match. Boram said she typically spent 1-2 hours with each client.

“A color chart allows a person to look their very best, better than just looking OK,” Boram said. “It allows them to save money when they buy clothes. It also allows them to choose the best colors to surround themselves in their home and interior decor.”

Boram said clients could save money by passing up impulse buys that didn’t necessarily match their color chart.

One of Boram’s clients was Linda Baker, who was in the midst of a personal transformation.

“I came in to be color charted because I’ve been doing a total makeover of myself,” Baker said. “My whole body from head to toe.”

The colors on a client’s color chart are also used for makeup. Saving money is very important to lots of people these days. Women, like myself, tend to buy things that are on sale or tend to buy things because they;re beautiful or irrestivale. Having a color chart eliminates that.”