1983: Pull up a chair to hear all about the latest in ‘alternative seating’

Barbara tries new chair
Posted at 5:28 AM, Sep 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-07 05:28:02-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Former WRTV consumer reporter Barbara Boyd never took on a story while sitting down; unless, of course, it involved sitting down.

Boyd introduced viewers to a special exhibition in downtown Indianapolis that touted the latest in “alternative seating” in September 1983.

Woman sits in new style chair

A number of Balans chairs were on display, none of which resembled your average chair. The exhibit, “Norway Presents New Concepts in Seating,” aimed to inform Hoosiers about the latest in Norwegian design.

Unique chair

The unique furniture promised to ease physical discomfort while improving posture.

Unique chair

“It’s kind of a fun experience,” a district manager said. “Once people have used the chairs, they are very sold on the concept and the idea.”

Although these designs never took off, you can rest assured knowing Barbara Boyd found herself sitting on top of the world while covering this story.