1993: Computer class helps seniors master ‘whatchamacallits and gizmos’

Posted at 5:30 AM, Apr 06, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS — Things began to click for a few ambitious seniors 30 years ago this month.

WRTV reporter Linda Lupear traveled to the SeniorNet Learning Center where area elders rolled up their sleeves and ventured into a brave new world.

"My children got me a computer for Christmas and I just wanted to learn how to work it,” Claude Cook said. “I've got it set up and [I’m] waiting to learn how to turn it on."

From DOS to RAM and even solitaire, Ivy Tech instructors like Penny Ellis, talked the 55-and-over students through all of the “whatchamacallits and gizmos.”

Some seniors wanted to use the computer to talk to their tech-savvy relatives, while others wanted to grow in the workplace.

"I still work," Betty Holdenfield said. "We've got a word processor and they bought it for us and nobody knew how to use it."

Despite a deluge of information, seniors like Holdenfield remained steadfast.

"I don't intimidate real easy, but I seem to learn a little slow sometimes."