Throwback: Valentine’s Day gift ideas from 1987

Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 05:00:14-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Some Valentine’s Day gifts, like chocolates and roses, seem to stand the test of time. Others, like custom gift baskets, often fade into obscurity.

Former WRTV consumer reporter Barbara Boyd set out to find the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts from 1987. Boyd met two women who ran a business called Baskets Unique.

Pam McQueen and Rose Hartman created gift baskets for people who wanted to give a gift, but just didn't have time to shop. The only information the women needed from a customer was what type of lifestyle the person receiving the gift had and a budget. Prices ranged from $25 to $250.

Boyd noted that baskets included everything from bottles of champagne to Playboy magazines, centerfold and all.

For loved ones singing a different tune, Boyd found a company that offered to record a custom love song.

Singers Richard, Cindy Bob and Daryl serenaded Barbara with her own song with lyrics that included “Barbara, you are heavenly.”

The singers would write and record a song based off a questionnaire in just two days for only $29.95. Customers received a cassette tape as well as the lyrics.

For those seeking a more traditional gift, Boyd reported that a dozen roses was selling for $30-50 in 1987. Boyd also reported that women sending men roses was becoming more common.