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HOME TOUR: $525K for modern farmhouse luxury on Indy's Near East side

HOME TOUR: $525K for modern farmhouse luxury on Indy's Near East side
Posted at 10:46 AM, Aug 04, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis' Holy Cross neighborhood has undergone some serious changes in recent years, and Michael and Tammy Burroughs' brand new modern farmhouse home is a prime example of that. 

The home, built in 2016, has 3,000 square feet to live in with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. A family room and an office rounds out the living space in the estimated $525,000 dwelling.

Michael is a computer technology consultant and Tammy works as an air traffic controller. They have two dogs and two kids, one of which is headed to Purdue University this fall, and the other is a senior at Herron High School. 

Their inspiration for the home is evident in its design: Clean lines, open spaces and thoughtful placement of everything.

The Burroughs' favorite design elements are the open shelving in the kitchen with the marble tile backsplash and the master bath shower. Tammy also mentioned the powder room "party animals" wallpaper imported from the UK is a favorite of hers, as well as the new patio from True North Landscaping. 

Powder room "party animals" wallpaper imported from the UK

They planned with modern thinking in mind, putting the laundry upstairs near their bedrooms.

Their biggest design challenge? Staying within the budget! The couple said their biggest indulgence was the master bath (and can you blame them?).

Before this modern marvel, the pair lived in a century-old Meridian Kessler Arts and Crafts style home for 17 years. They had enough DIY bringing that beauty back that they gave themselves a break on this new house.

They had most things built for them, but they did a little DIY: Michael and the kids built the raised beds for their herbs and lettuces. They also had their own photographs made into canvas pictures for the wall in the dining/kitchen area.

Their best design advice for other homeowners is to "collect pictures of things that make you smile (magazines, designers on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) until you start to get a sense of your style and what makes you happy."

The family tried to take their time with furnishings, mixing old and new, high and low, with a goal to only buy things that add a little fun to the room, not just to fill a space.

Favorite places to shop for the home: Decorate and Silver in the City on Mass Ave, Chatham Home, Houseworks in Castleton, Be The Boutique in Butler Tarkington, Interior Define in Chicago and Room and Board. 

They had their dining room table and cocktail tables custom made by Steffan Eller of Stellercraft in Lafayette.

They like funky art photographs and found a graphic design student from Italy on Instagram, Federico Picci, to make the piano with the pink balls piece.

"We emailed him and bought the rights to print one of his pieces, which is the big piece in our living room," Tammy said.

The entry piece to the home is from These Fine Walls, an online art gallery.

Tammy credits everyone from The ReDevelopment Group, who were the builders of the home, saying they were "fantastic to work with."  

"We love this neighborhood and our view through Highland Park of the city. The location is amazing, exactly 1 mile from City Market. We ride our bikes everywhere."

Don't let them understate that view:

Jealous yet? See all the photos of the home by clicking on the image below.