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HOME TOUR: Timeless meets modern

HOME TOUR: Timeless meets modern
Posted at 9:56 AM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 14:29:19-04

Debby and Jim Holton's apartment home in the Ironworks building at Keystone at the Crossing is open and simple: "Life is a fluid thing and style needs to be flexible,” said Debby.

Their furniture includes several older family pieces and pieces from the Drake Hotel. They wanted to keep that timeless feel even though this is a modern apartment.

"Jim's family never got rid of furniture - it was passed on, recovered, repainted - given new life,” said Debby.

Their favorite design element is the floor-to-ceiling windows. They wanted their selection and placement of furniture to retain that element to capture the feeling of openness and the morning sun.

Their biggest design challenge was how to mix beloved older pieces into a new, more modern space.  The new things bought definitely had to be streamlined. 

Especially challenging was incorporating their kilim rug and oriental rugs. They are especially happy that they found a place for the painting of Mary. "She's the gem in our collection,” said Debby.

"Its interesting the reactions that we get when people see the view. We had our first party here in March and everyone had a lot of fun. Our layout lends itself to easy conversation,” said Debby.

Their apartment has a natural feel in the daytime when they can see the trees and a more urban feel at night when they can see the lights from Keystone at the Crossing.

Their proudest DYI project is their gallery wall their daughter Kate did for them.

"The most fun was finding the frames in second hand stores  and choosing what would go into them. I'm hoping to do a version of that in our den using the art we've collected while traveling,” said Debby.

They have a big family, 5 kids and 12 grandchildren, so when they moved, they bought another hide-a-bed sectional sofa for sleeping space, but its also incredibly comfortable for watching TV or reading.

They replaced a dining room side board ( a piece they love) they were using to hold the television with a modern, functional console.  In keeping with family tradition, the side board went to Dan, their youngest son.

"Our decorator said 'your apartment is already a lot of fun, so you don’t need to overdo the colors.' He was so right - navy and red border of rug led to choosing red bar stools, navy chair. The mirror hung on the wall - genius!” said Debby

Their older pieces came from the family or Lucille Steebe at the Now and Then Shop. But Debby also enjoys shopping at Home Goods, Crate and Barrel and a new find her decorator introduced her to: Urban Styles Gypsy Market.

Debby works for Indy Reads Books, a nonprofit bookstore on Mass Ave, and Jim is in sales with Superior Packaging Products.

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