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Jefferson Award: Delivering on a promise

Posted at 12:51 AM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 00:51:39-05

The Jefferson Awards is now Multiplying Good, and we could use a little good in our lives. While there is a new name, the essence of the service doesn't change. WRTV is still recognizing unsung heroes through the "Jefferson Award for Multiplying Good." Nominate someone you know who is making a difference for a Jefferson Award for Multiplying Good.

INDIANAPOLIS — Going above and beyond to serve the public is the focus of the Jefferson Award for Multiplying Good.

This month, WRTV honors Amp Harris. Despite a global pandemic, Harris delivered on his promise. He organized his 16th annual "Put a Smile on a Child's Face for Christmas" toy drive in December.

Amp partnered with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to provide a venue where families could be socially distant and pick up Christmas gifts for their children. It was a massive event and his leadership to mobilize volunteers to bring joy to kids every Christmas is worthy of recognition.

Amp Harris unloads his passion for people through his positivity. It's manifested in his annual toy drive, his foundation, and civic involvement.

"People tend to gravitate to someone's heart, that's how I live," Harris said.

His mother, Geneva, is his heart.

"She's always told her kids to be a blessing to others and you will be blessed," he said.

Her inspiration set his path in which humility and hope lead the way, especially his latest efforts to take on a taboo issue for many men — mental health.

"We got to get through that myth that showing vulnerability is a bad thing," Harris said.

Amp is creating a space online where talking about depression, anxiety, and stress are acceptable, safe and supportive.

"Go to the doctor, get your health checked out," he said. "Get out and walk, take a hike and get your mental health together because your mental health has a lot to do with your physical health."

So the guy who touches the lives of thousands is living his truth, sharing his emotions.

After the depth of his leadership and generosity earned him the Jefferson Award, he needed a few minutes.

"I want young Black men to see that it's okay to cry," Harris said. "This is for my mother. If we don't realize that we are one we are going to be divided and separated and end up with none."

The man worthy of the medallion is back on his mission.

"Remember in 2021, you got to learn to be flexible and don't break," Harris said. "God bless. Peace."

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