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The solar eclipse could be dangerous for your pets, too

Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 19, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- By now we all know that it's dangerous for humans to watch the solar eclipse without proper eye protection, but many people don't realize it can also be unsafe for your pets. 

While many vets say there's a good chance your canine companion won't bother trying to look up at the sun, if they do, it could still cause damage to their eyes just like it would a human. 

"Their eyes are as sensitive as humans," said Dr. Trish Wiggers The Downtown Veterinarian. "If you want to be on the safe side just keep them inside for those few hours."

Even looking at the eclipse briefly can cause blindness and retinal burns, potentially leading to permanent damage. And since it's painless, you might not even notice something is wrong until days after the event - and your dog won't ever be able to tell you something is wrong. 

Because a total solar eclipse is rare, there is little research available on how it impacts plants and animals.