Renting baby gear solved big traveling problem, mom says

Posted at 1:39 PM, Apr 30, 2019

MICHIGAN — As a single mom, Ericka Smith says planning a trip from Detroit to New York quickly turned overwhelming.

"My son was about three years old and I was freaking out because I’m like how am I going to travel with him, our bags, his car seat, stroller, everything," said Smith.

The packing list for parents of babies and toddlers are endless … a portable crib, a baby bathtub, a car seat, a collapsible stroller, and the list goes on.

For a short trip, flying with that much gear isn’t possible. Buying it on site can easily break your budget.

"People are traveling more and are having families, and why should you have to choose between traveling or not traveling because you have kids?" said Smith.

It turns out, there was a way to settle that problem, using a baby rental gear service. In the last few years, several have cropped up. But Smith has found success using one called Baby Quip.

Simply type in your destination and choose from a list of local providers renting out their gear at a daily rate. Providers on the site offer everything from potties and booster chairs, to play packages of toys and books.

It wasn’t before long that Ericka evolved from a customer into a provider herself.

Her inventory is extensive. Everything gets returned and thoroughly cleaned, then shuffled off to the next family ultimately allowing Ericka and moms like her around the country the chance to develop somewhat of a side business, while relieving families of unnecessary stress.

Use the service when you travel or if you know someone who could make use of some of this baby gear, contact any of the five families currently providing in the Detroit, Michigan area here .