Spend the night in an Idaho potato hotel

Posted at 8:24 AM, Apr 26, 2019

IDAHO — If you have ever seen a giant potato and thought "I'd like to sleep in there," you are in luck!

The original spud from the Big Idaho Potato Truck is now a new hotel destination in Idaho. The six-ton potato traveled across the country on the back of a semi-truck for the Idaho Potato Commission. Local builder Kristie Wolfe transformed the old potatoes into a place where weary travelers can spend the night.

"So if you really just wanted to know whats its like to be inside a potato as opposed to have a potato inside you, here's a great opportunity to experience it," said Frank Muir, the Idaho Potato Commission president and CEO.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel comfortably holds two people, but is not set up for kids. And don't worry, it is fully equipped with air conditioning, so you won't turn into a baked potato when staying the night. The Potato Hotel is located off of Orchard Access Road in Boise and is surrounded by 400 acres of farmland. You can find reservation details for the potato room here .