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AMP Harris foundation prepares for toy giveaway

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Posted at 9:38 PM, Dec 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-04 21:38:13-05

INDIANAPOLIS — In May, it delivers speed. In December, servant hearts are present delivering presents. It's grandeur is embraced with grace and generosity.

This is the AMP Harris and Friends Put a Smile on a Child's Face for Christmas Toy Drive.

"A lot of kids are not able or fortunate to get gifts, so just to give back to the kids is exciting," Amber Cooley said.

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More than a thousand kids and their families leave the track like the champions who make it to Victory Circle.

Amp Harris is the hometown guy giving back. His humility is a hallmark of his character.

"So its not about Amp Harris. It's about the community,the state of Indiana , it's about giving hope and showing love and being respectful," Harris said.

Amp would never upstage Santa, but this year he's considering a wardrobe while passing out Toys.

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So this space that creates racing legends is fast to join another event with a winning spirit. One that may inspire the next generation to deliver a new track record, or spark the dream of creating the next greatest spectacle.

The Amp Harris event also receives a donation from the WRTV Toy Drive.

Your contribution can help Amp and friends assist hundreds of families at their giveaway later this month.