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These Little Cheesecake Sandwiches Will Be A Huge Hit At Your Next Party

These Little Cheesecake Sandwiches Will Be A Huge Hit At Your Next Party
Posted at 7:30 AM, Aug 28, 2019

Whether you’re making dessert for a crowd or meal-prepping for the week, these adorable little cheesecake sandwiches will make the perfect treat. Similar to an ice cream sandwich, this version is wedged between two cookies, but instead of a quick-to-melt ice cream filling, the center is made of a cheesecake-like filling that can sit out for guests without fear of a melty mess. Better yet, they can be stored in the freezer as a dessert to eat throughout the week. Bottom line: no matter how you serve ’em, they’re sure to be a hit.

The recipe for these cheesecake sandwiches comes from the Philadelphia cream cheese brand and calls for cream cheese, sugar and whipped topping for the middle. Then, all you’ll need are cookies for the outer layers and dipping chocolate to top it all off. You can use any kind of cookies you’d like, but the recipe suggests using chocolate chip. Yum!

You’ll start by mixing cream cheese and sugar together until well blended. Then, you’ll stir in the whipped topping. Spread a layer of the mixture on a chocolate chip cookie and top with a second cookie. Dip half of the cookie sandwiches in melted chocolate and place in an airtight storage container in the freezer for about three hours, or until the center is firm.

Then, you’ll have the perfect single-serving dessert ready to enjoy:


While the recipe doesn’t explicitly say so, we have a feeling these treats can be stored in the freezer in advance and thawed before serving them at your event. Or, you can store these in the freezer and eat them throughout the week. You never know when you’ll be craving a late-night snack!

The recipe also leaves plenty of room for customization. Those who tried the recipe and left notes in the comments section pointed out that they added sprinkles along with the chocolate after dipping their cookies, or took liberties with the types of cookies and even cream cheese flavors. Imagine strawberry cream cheese in the center, or oatmeal cookies instead of chocolate chip.

Each and every variety sounds amazing, so do whatever works for your family or try multiple versions until you find your favorite. There are a lot of decadent, inspired recipes out there that blend cheesecake with baked goods, like this cheesecake that uses banana bread as a base. So, banana bread cheesecake sandwiches, anyone? Dessert adventures are the best kind of adventures, after all!

Some people who tried the Philadelphia recipe pointed out that it might be easier to freeze your sandwiches for a bit before dunking them in the melted chocolate, just to make sure there’s little less mess when you get to this step, so keep that in mind when you make these for yourself.

Now you’ve got everything you need to whip up these delicious, crowd-pleasing morsels. So, who’s craving something sweet?

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