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Want to eat better? Make these your Sunday habits

Posted at 12:05 PM, Dec 15, 2016

‘Tis the season of New Year's resolutions, and if one of yours is to try and eat better in 2017, all you need is a Sunday.

Not an ice cream sundae, mind you. Here are some things you can do on Sundays to ensure your habits stay healthy Monday through Friday.

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Wash, Peel And Chop Ahead Of Time

Wash your produce ahead of time, and do any necessary peeling. For example, don’t just leave your clementines and oranges in their peel, assuming you will make time to peel them at the office. Take the extra step and peel those suckers. Pop them in a resealable dish. Similarly, wash your apples or carrot sticks ahead of time.

Make Five Breakfasts At Once

Whether you want to have five days of overnight oats prepared, five days of crustless mini egg muffins or five days of fruit salad, make your breakfasts on Sunday. Your mornings will be so much easier! And, with a healthy breakfast ready to go, you won’t be at risk for grabbing a bagel on the way to the office or succumbing to a donut during your morning meeting.

Make A Week’s Worth Of Veggies

Chop and roast veggies ahead of time. Make all your veggies for the week. Whether you want to have roasted broccoli, zucchini, carrots or Brussel sprouts, do all of your cutting and cooking before the week begins. Then, you can toss your veggies onto salads or into a wrap for a quick plant-based lunch.

Pre-Portion Your Desserts

It’s not realistic to think you’ll go all week without a craving for something sweet—so be prepared! Always have a sweet treat on hand, preferably in small portions. It can be easy to gorge even on healthy foods, but if you have your sweet treats portioned into appropriate servings, you will be less likely to lose control.

Infuse A Pitcher Of Water

Don’t reach for soda or high-calorie coffee drinks when you get a craving during the week. Instead, fill up your water bottle with infused H2O and stay hydrated and healthy all week long.