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Mother's Day Experience encourages Hoosiers to celebrate mom while supporting local

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Posted at 1:23 PM, May 05, 2021
and last updated 2023-01-27 16:58:12-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A local organization known for speaking up against violence is now standing up for moms. This Friday the organization, No Black-on-Black Slayings' (No Bobs) is holding its first Mother's Day Experience.

Derek Tuder is the founder of No Bobs. He’s also an artist and the creator of this year’s Mother’s Day Experience on first Friday.

Tuder says for five years he’s been working to help curb the crime in the Circle City.

“Breaks my heart watching so many homicides. God put it on my heart to do something,” said Tuder.

Tuder is pressing his two passions together and helping others make memories with their mothers.

“People from all walks of life love art,” said Tuder.

On Friday, The Yellow House located on East 82nd street will be filled with loving mothers checking out the work of local artists like Tasha Beckwith who took part in creating the Madam CJ Walker mural at the airport, and Calandra Watkins of Imagine that.

“This gives professionals and emerging artists a platform so they can express their art,” said Tuder.

It’s not just about looking at art. It’s about making your own art too.

“This is going to be an awesome event because you don't have to be a mom. It’s for anybody. You can be a mom, or you can just come out to be together,” said Kassie Calhoun.

It’s giving these artists all the feels heading into the actual event.

“It’s excitement with nerves and butterflies, and it’s something to be celebrated,” said Payge Gillig.

Click here to learn more about No Bobs.

The list of artists included in the show are:

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