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Angie's List warns against 'extra material' scam

Posted at 7:48 PM, Sep 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-09 19:48:54-04

When someone claiming to be a contractor brings "extra materials" by your home from another project, Angie's List says you should be extra careful about what they're offering.

Maryanna Phillips says she was working in her front yard when two employees from an asphalt company pulled up and asked if they could sealcoat her cracked driveway for $300. They said the materials were leftover from a job down the street.

"They made me feel bad," Phillips said. "The lady had been in a wreck. She had stitches all over her head and I'm like, 'Go, just do it.'"

But, she says, the job was sloppily done, and to make matters worse, the excess asphalt was dumped on the street – splattering her car.

Car repairs cost her $1,200, and when she went to stop payment on the check for the asphalt, it was too late.

"Like I said, I know better," Phillips said. "She played on my heart."

Angie's List says quality contractors don't approach homeowners with leftover materials. The company also says if an uninvited worker won't leave when asked, you should call local authorities and stay inside.


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