Soundspace works to create an accessible, affordable space for musicians

Fundraising efforts are already underway
Studio at Soundspace
Posted at 8:43 AM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-21 08:43:53-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Unless you're a musician with a steady schedule of paid gigs, getting time to rehearse and record in a studio is hard to find, mainly because of the cost.

Soundspace in the Circle City Industrial Complex has worked to show there's a way to make those things more accessible and affordable to local musicians.

"We believe in that mantra, lowering the barrier of entry to a professional music career and those resources," Soundspace co-founder Kai McGinnis said. "We just found a better way. If artists are able to share the space then they're able to share the costs."

Soundspace has proven to be a concept that works. It's why they have even bigger plans to create more spaces for musicians to rehearse and produce. Their plan is to put that space in the unfinished portion of the Circle City Industrial Complex. They've named it Indy Music Co-Op.

"The artists can have the resources they need and we have the opportunity to centralize those resources here at the CCIC," McGinnis said.

Cole Daniels, a bassist for death metal band Fleshbore, said having a space to rehearse around the clock while paying substantially less for rehearsal and studio time, helps local musicians make a living out of their art.

"It's important to have a space that allows the performers and everyone in the band to feel as comfortable as they can, playing, writing, and practicing," Daniels said. "Having a very high-quality space, high-quality PA system and soundproofing, it's just a good space and it's very beneficial."

McGinnis says they're fundraising to get the Indianapolis Music Cooperative built. More than $13,000 has already been raised. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made through Patrioncity.