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Visa warns of data danger at pump

Posted at 9:15 AM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-17 09:15:23-05

Visa says crooks are finding a new way to get your information at the gas pump.

They say the thieves no longer need a skimmer to read your card.

Scammers no longer need to install skimming devices on individual gas pumps to steal your data, Visa recently announced.

According to the tech site Engadget, Visa has discovered that crooks are now intercepting unencrypted data from magnetic swipe credit cards as the gas station uploads pump information to card companies. Therefore, no longer needing a skimmer to read your credit card.

Visa is now urging gas stations to encrypt, or scramble, their card data, or install chip card readers that are nearly impossible to hack.

Visa requires gas stations to have secure chip card readers on all pumps by October 2020.

Most Speedway and Kroger pumps have upgraded to chip cards, but not many other gas stations have not switched.

You can protect yourself by only using a station that has chip card readers in their gas pumps.

If your station still uses old swipe technology, consider paying inside at the register, so you don't waste your money.