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‘Monkey Orchids’ Look Like They Have Cute Little Monkey Faces In The Center Of The Flower

‘Monkey Orchids’ Look Like They Have Cute Little Monkey Faces In The Center Of The Flower
Posted at 9:30 AM, Aug 19, 2020

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Delicate, unique and sometimes fickle, there’s no denying that orchids are in their own special category when it comes to floral options. Even within the orchid category, there are ever more distinctive variations, including some that have unusual markings.

For proof, just look at the “monkey face” orchid, which, when in bloom, boasts a peculiar arrangement and coloring of petals that resembles the face of a cute little monkey. These flowers are not so much the opulent orchids you may have seen at weddings or in fancy spas. They’re more like fanciful creations from a Tim Burton movie.

Within this genus, named Dracula after the Latin word for dragon, there are 124 known species, including the very monkey-like Dracula marsupialis and Dracula simia. These intriguing blooms thrive in highly humid climates and can mostly be found in the moist forests of Central and South America.

However, you don’t have to live in a rain forest to grow your own monkey orchids. The Etsy shop Exoticseedsshop offers the seeds of a few different monkey orchids that you can plant at home yourself, like this one:


And this purplish-brown variation that looks strikingly similar to a monkey’s face:

Etsy | Exoticseedemporium

This Etsy seller notes that there are several ways you can sow orchid seeds once you receive them, so you’ll want to read up on orchid care before attempting to cultivate this particular plant. The American Orchid Society is a good place to start this research.

Some online plant retailers have these exotic flowers available for purchase, such as the California-based shop Andy’s Orchids, which offers several varieties of the Dracula genus, like this one with its petal tips that form long, dramatic tails.

Andy's Orchids

You can also purchase seeds for these unique blossoms on Amazon, though be aware that these sellers may not be as reliable as other online vendors.


While many varieties of orchids give off an air of elegance or tropical royalty, these little scamps have more of an impish and whimsical vibe.

They’re just as worthy of admiration as other orchids, though, and they’re definitely a fabulous conversation-starter!

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