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Nerf Has A New Catnip Blaster That Will Keep Your Cat Entertained For Hours

Nerf Has A New Catnip Blaster That Will Keep Your Cat Entertained For Hours
Posted at 7:00 AM, Aug 30, 2021

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Nerf guns are an indelible part of childhood for many, although I never had one of my own until adulthood. You see, I started working at an office where we all kept toy weapons at our desks and had pitched battles at random times throughout the workday. It was a lot of fun — and now, if you’re a fan of launching foam projectiles at others, too, you can also make sure your cat is part of the action.

Nerf’s latest and greatest innovation in toy weaponry is a Catnip Disc Blaster. Yep, you read that right.

This handheld toy includes a built-in light that you can focus on the ground, just like a laser pointer. It also includes three catnip discs, each of which is almost 2 inches around. The gun can launch them down a hallway or across a room so that your kitties can chase them and get the treat they crave. It’s a great way of getting your cats some exercise while satisfying your need for … shooting things.

nerf cat toy

This new cat toy costs $14.99 and is available exclusively at Petco. Unfortunately, it was out of stock online as of press time so you may have to wait for a restock, or you can check with your local store. Of course, catnip refills are also available at $6.99 for a pack of six.


If you want to see how it actually works, YouTuber BuffdaddyNerf shared a video review of the product showing the way their cats played with the light, which is a battery-operated LED, as well as the range of the projectile launch (which isn’t too long, actually — Gizmodo says it’s about 10 feet). Still, the cats in the video seem to be enjoying their new toy!

This isn’t Nerf’s only toy for pets. The iconic toymaker has a whole line meant for our canine best friends. For example, the company also offers a blaster that shoots tennis balls for dogs and it comes in different sizes. the 12-inch version is $19.99 at Target or you can currently get a 16-inch version from Amazon or Chewy for $15,50. Amazon even has a mammoth 20-inch one that can shoot balls up to 50 feet for truly epic days at the dog park.

You can also get a Nerf gun that shoots chewy chicken treats for your pup; it’s $12.99 at Petco.

nerf chicken treat blaster

In addition to launchers, the Nerf Dog line includes plushes, squeaky toys, glowing and LED balls and more gadgets. Hopefully, the debut of the catnip gun means Nerf is branching out into more products for cats, as well.

Is this something you’d buy to spoil your favorite pet?

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