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Downtown business owners: Mounting frustration with city leaders

Concern that mayor has been slow to take action
Posted at 7:31 PM, Jul 07, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Is downtown Indianapolis recovering quickly enough from pandemic-related closings and the damage looters left at the end of May?

Nearly 40 downtown business owners met recently at the Columbia Club on Monument Circle to discuss reopening strategies.

Mounting frustration by these business owners was evident at the meeting, according to a press release from the Columbia Club. "Where are our city leaders and what are they doing to address the issues enveloping what recently was a vibrant downtown metropolis?," was a question raised at the meeting.

Concern was also expressed over the number of homeless people and panhandlers downtown and a perception that the city is not safe.

Columbia Club President John McGoff, M.D., said it was time for the city to write its next chapter. "It is not time to sit on the sidelines, but to get back in the game. It is time to take down the plywood, reinstall the glass, polish the monuments and restore our city," he said.

Those who attended the meeting were urged to write letters and make phone calls to city leaders, and to camp out in front of the City-County Building if need be.

McGoff, concluded by saying, “ Stakeholders recognize changes will not happen overnight, but they want to be part of the solution."