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Local pastors and officials gather to pray for Indianapolis, calls for love and unity

Posted at 1:35 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 13:39:31-04

INDIANAPOLIS — As protesters against police brutality plan to return downtown Indianapolis for a sixth consecutive night of protests, local officials and pastors gathered in prayer for the city on Wednesday afternoon.

The impromptu prayer service was held at the Indianapolis City Market, where the Chaplain of Indianapolis City-County Council, Tim Lindsay, presented numerous public officials, local pastors and leaders to speak, sing or pray.

Amongst those who spoke were several Indianapolis City-County Councilors, including its president, Vop Osili, and also Mayor Joe Hogsett.

"We pray that after three nights of peace, there will be days of work ahead," Mayor Hogsett said. "We pray that through action, not words, we may earn trust. We pray through action, not words, we may lift up those voices that have indeed been marginalized. We pray that you will transform our passion of purpose into change. That by acknowledging and naming that has divided us, we may be delivered a common cause."


It appears dozens of folks were in attendance, praying, and singing along with the words spoken at the vigil.

The demonstrated was altogether hosted by "Public Servants Prayer." The group's goal is to pray for three lawmakers every day in a public post on Facebook.

"Every social ill we face, God has a solution and a remedy. And we can call it many things, but I think the word we all want in this city, in this nation, in this world — one word — love," Dr. David Hampton, the Deputy Mayor of Neighborhood Engagement, said during the prayer.