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Columbus woman accused of trying to smuggle drugs into jail

Posted at 5:26 PM, Feb 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-28 18:12:36-05

COLUMBUS — A Columbus woman who faced a 30 day sentence on drug charges, could be spending additional time behind bars.

34-year-old Kristen Hunter was about to begin her sentence on a Possession of a Controlled Substance charge, but according to the Bartholomew County Sheriff, officers learned that Hunter planned to smuggle drugs into jail.

Hunter was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital where she removed the drugs and other items from a "body cavity."

Investigators found heroin, suboxone pills, two unidentified pills and two unopened cigarette packs.

Suboxone is used to treat opioid addiction.

"Bringing drugs into the jail is not only a crime, but it is extremely dangerous and puts the safety of corrections officers, staff, inmates and members of our community at risk," said Sheriff Matt Myers.

Hunter now faces at least three additional charges.

"Bringing contraband into the jail can be a very lucrative business," said Chief Deputy Major Chris Lane. "Drugs inside the jail can be sold for a much higher price than their street value."

Bartholomew County is considering the purchase of a body scanner that could detect attempts to bring drugs and other contraband into the jail.