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Indianapolis Charter School teaches the importance of Black Excellence

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Posted at 6:16 PM, Feb 20, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — Teaching kids about Black history and culture is one Indianapolis charter school’s mission.

“Taking the little things, they do and how it contributes to their culture is a big deal, because everyone wants to know how you fit in,” Ciara Jones Avondale Meadows Middle School Assistant principal said.

For the last month, Assistant Principal Ciara Jones will tell you the charter school has been working to teach its students the importance of Black history – not just the important figures but Black culture. Roughly, 94% of its students are Black.

“When we do things, they have to be able to see themselves. They have to know that when they’re creating their crochets that they have seen grandma doing in the kitchen that’s something that’s influencing the culture,” Jones told WRTV on Tuesday.

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Take 8th graders Aanas Gladney and Alonni Bowie for example, the two crocheted clothes, and turned it into their own clothing line.

That clothing line will be shown at a community celebration and talent show, highlighting Black excellence on Friday.

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“I think it’s important, because Black people originally thought of as less than the others so this helps boost like how people think of Black people, but it shows that Black people can be successful too,” 8th Grader Alonni Bowie said.

The goal is simple – to show these students that their voices can be heard and showing that they are no different than anyone else and can carve their place in history.

“That's what I do as an educator, it’s okay to be yourself and you don't water yourself down for nobody,” Jones concluded.