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Local artist, Fingercreations, gets first solo showcase

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Posted at 8:21 PM, Feb 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-28 10:05:20-05

INDIANAPOLIS — His artwork has been featured across Indianapolis, but for the first time, he now has his own solo reception.

We're talking about artist Fingercreations.

WRTV's Rachael Wilkerson visited the gallery, as we honor him as a local trailblazer this Black History Month.

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"I go by Fingercreations because I do all of my work with my hands. I use oil pastels and then I use dry wall for my canvas," said Hordge.

"How would you describe your artwork," said Rachael Wilkerson.

"Unique, unique. I haven't had a complaint about it so I guess that's a good thing," he said.

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When you step into Gallery 42 on East Washington St., you'll find Kenneth Hordge's first solo gallery.

"Man, it's like a kid at Christmas. Dreams do come true," said Hordge.

Seeing his work, on the walls is emotional.

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The artist, decided to pursue his passion of painting around a decade ago.

"I put my head down. I never gave up. I never give up on what I want to do and whenever you see something through good things always come out," he said.

His pieces represent culture, icons and people he looks up to.

"Basketball is my favorite of everything even before art to be honest with ya. I played it, still play it, a lot of my work you're gonna see sports figures, you're gonna see music figures because I speak through my art," he said.

Two of his favorite pieces include Muhammad Ali.

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"I made his gloves orange and yellow for the simple fact, I wanted his hands to look like on fire. He had so much speed in his hands," he said.

The north side native also makes sure there's a part of Indy in his collections.

"Been here all my life. 317," he said.

Fingercreations hopes his journey and success is an inspiration.

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"More than anything, I want to be the biggest inspiration for my kids. For a black male, most of the time, the stereotype is basketball or football, some type of sport. So, to be active in the arts and to be recognized, to be able to do this and make a living of it, it really does mean a lot," he said.

His daughters love the gallery.

"It was just breathtaking. My house is full of art pieces obviously and I've seen them one by one and I like them all but when it's all together it's like whoo," said Kennedy Hordge.

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They want him to know, they're his number one fans.

"I look up to him more than anything he's one of the people that i choose to look up to in my life and seeing him push through what he's done with his art. Just seeing how far he's come has inspired me to push through my stuff to," said Hordge.

"I'm a daddy's girl and I just love him a lot. It makes me feel proud of him because I know he wants to be an artist and I like him doing art because he's very good at it," said Kya Hordge.

Hordge thanks the owners of Gallery 42 and the community for all of your support. You still have until March 1st to check out his work.

"Follow your dreams man. This world is a hard place to make it in but if you stay true to yourself and work hard God sees all," he said.