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Butler Blue is a finalist for the Mascot Hall of Fame

Voting runs October 17-23
butler blue iv
Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 17, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — Butler University Mascot Blue is hoping to paw his way to a special honor that would also make history.

Blue is a finalist for the Mascot Hall of Fame and if inducted, Blue would be first live mascot in the Hall.

"We think live mascots have such a huge impact on sports, especially collegiate sports. There's 57 schools that handle a live mascot ... we would just be honored to be the very first live mascots inducted into the Hall of Fame and hopefully pave the way for more to be inducted later," Blue IV's handler and caretaker, Evan Krauss, said.

Voting runs from October 17-23.

Vote for Butler Blue here

Krauss says once they found out Blue had made the final round, there was a sigh of relief - followed by planning events for the final week of voting.

On Sunday, Blue IV was outside Lucas Oil Stadium before the Indianapolis Colts game.

"People are proud of Blue, that's for sure. He really is a really nice representation of not just Butler University Athletics but our pharmacy program and our dance program and our faculty and staff," Krauss said. "We're really seeing a huge crowd surround him ... Blue really is just the embodiment of all the good things of Butler University. He's able to connect with every single aspect of the university in a cute, cuddly package."

Krauss and Blue IV also visited the Mascot Hall of Fame during the first round of voting.

Inductees will be announced November 5 and the official induction ceremony will be held June 11, 2022.