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CALL 6: Animal control preps for bitterly cold temps

Must bring pets inside when temps hit 20 degrees
Posted at 6:00 PM, Dec 12, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Animal Care Services is preparing for the coldest weather of the season, and likely, an onslaught of complaints from citizens about pets being left out in the cold.

A new ordinance went into effect in September 2015 that requires dogs and cats to be brought into a temperature controlled environment when the temperature outside hits 20 degrees or below, or if there’s a wind chill warning.

The exception is when the dog is in visual range of an adult who is outside with the dog.

IACS spokesperson Dimitri Kyser said officers try to respond to cold weather complaints immediately.

“They’re fully ready,” said Kyser. “We have a limited staff, but we’re able to do a lot with the little that we do have.”

Call 6 Investigates requested the number of violations issued under the new ordinance, however, Kyser said they are lumped together with all “care and treatment” violations.

Kyser said people are getting the message about the new ordinance.

“The public, they are definitely aware more and more especially as we do more outreach,” said Kyser. “They're becoming more educated about the ordinance and what all that entails."

Although many people believe their dogs love it outside, even in single digit temperatures, the city says it can be dangerous for them.

"Treat your animals as you would want to be treated,” said Kyser. “If it's too cold for you, then it's too cold for the pets. Bring your animals in, so they don’t suffer any type of injuries or become sick.”

Violators can face a fine of $25 on the first violation and up to $200 on the second violation.

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Dog must have access to:

  • Shelter constructed of solid, weather resistant materials
  • Dry floor raised above the ground
  • Roof sloped away from entrance


Dog must be brought inside temperature controlled building if: 

  • Temperature outside is 20 degrees and below
  • Temperature outside is 90 degrees and above
  • There’s a heat advisory
  • There’s a wind chill warning
  • There’s a tornado warning

It is against the law to tether (chain) your dog if any of the following is true: 

  • Your dog is less than 6 months old 
  • Your dog is sick or injured 
  • It is between 11PM & 6AM
  • Your dog is not spayed or neutered, unless you are an adult, your dog is in your visual range, and you are outside with your dog 


Mayor’s Action Center:  317-327-4622

After Hours Emergencies: 317-327-3811


FIDO (Friends Of Indianapolis Dogs Outside) 317-221-1314