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CALL 6: Carrier returns $1.58M in tax breaks

Posted at 2:26 PM, Apr 07, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- United Technology and Carrier have repaid the City of Indianapolis $1.2 million the company received in tax breaks.

Mayor Joe Hogsett made the announcement Thursday.  On March 3, Hogsett had called on Carrier to return the $1.2 million within 30 days.

The mayor says the Money will be used to retrain Carrier workers.

After Carrier announced they were relocating 1,400 jobs from Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico, Hogsett issued an executive order to create a task force to assemble local, state and federal resources to help the employees. 

"Whether through job-training scholarships or other ideas that come from those whose lives have been forever changed, I am confident these funds will make an impact as we work to lift up our neighbors," said Hogsett on Thursday.

The specific use of the funds was not announced but the mayor says that the Carrier Task Force has already identified local organizations that have agreed to partner with the city to offer support services to Carrier workers.

Gov. Mike Pence's office also announced Thursday $380,000 in state training grants had been repaid by Carrier.

“While I was extremely disappointed with Carrier and UTEC’s decision to relocate manufacturing operations and Hoosier jobs to Mexico, I appreciate their commitment to repay state and local incentives as they promised when I met with them last month,” Pence said in a written statement. “My administration has made it a top priority to support the employees, their loved ones and the communities affected by this decision and to protect Hoosier taxpayers. Today, I am pleased to announce that these companies have repaid state and local incentives, and I thank Carrier and UTEC for following through on the commitment they made to the state of Indiana.”

The money will go back into the Indiana Economic Development Commission's Skills Enhancement Fund.

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