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CALL 6: Dumped books raise questions

Posted at 7:02 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 19:02:24-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Who hasn't handed down a used book to someone else after they've read through it, or donated it to a local organization that is in need? 

A tipster who raised concerns to Call 6 Investigates about books they found in a recycling dumpster outside Half Price Books in Greenwood was thinking just that.

“I feel that schools, libraries, prisons or anyplace really would benefit from donations more than having them recycled,” said the tipster who wishes to remain anonymous.

A spokesperson for Half Price Books says they strive to donate or recycle books they can’t sell in their stores.

“Some books are simply too outdated, tattered or dirty to be worthy of donations,” said Emily Bruce, public relations manager for Half Price Books. “We often see books that look fine on the outside, but have water damage or bugs when you open them, which is what I imagine to be the case with the books shown in your photos. These books are recycled so they can be turned into new books to be enjoyed.”

The tipster says many of the books appeared to be in good condition, with no water damage or bugs.

“They should be seeking out avenues of donations versus tossing them,” the tipster said. 

Half Price Books says they donate books to groups across the country through a variety of avenues including their Half Pint Library book drive, which takes place in the Spring.

“In 2012, we started our Million Book Donation Project and ended up donating more than 2 million books that year,” said Bruce. “If people know of a nonprofit or school in need of books, we would love for them to fill out at donation request at so we can get more books into the hands of people who need them.”


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