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CALL 6: 'Shatter' drug hitting Central Indiana

Posted at 12:15 AM, Apr 30, 2016
INDIANAPOLIS -- It goes by many names like “shatter,” “wax” and ‘dabs,’ and it is a dangerous form of marijuana that is becoming much more common in Central Indiana, according to law enforcement.  
“It’s absolutely alarming to us as law enforcement," says Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine. 
It’s a form of marijuana that can be more than 4.5 times more powerful. Perrine says, "This product is made from the entire plant, the leaves, the stems and they are able to extract the THC from that.”
Perrine says they put that into a liquid form and now people are finding ways to put in e-cigarettes and consumable goods. “This drug is not something your body is designed to handle.”
Beyond its riskiness to use, making it also very dangerous. Some people say it even  more dangerous than making meth. 
State Police explains that it is typically made with butane, which is very volatile and a small spark can create an explosion. 
"One of the ways this is made is with butane and it is a very very volatile way to make it -- across the county people have died."
State Police say they have started to see “shatter” pop-up around Central Indiana. 
On Thursday, State Police arrested a husband and wife duo for manufacturing marijuana wax. Investigators say they found bottles of butane inside the apartment and more than $17,000 of the drug.  
Investigators also say the drug was found at the homes where eight family members were killed in Ohio this week.