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CALL 6: Stolen truck found chopped up for parts

Another found loaded with thieves' tools
Posted at 11:24 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 23:44:16-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- At least two stolen heavy duty Ford trucks have been found over the past week – one loaded up with thieves' tools, the other chopped up into pieces.

The trucks are among the dozens targeted by what police have described as a ring of thieves operating in Central Indiana.

CALL 6 | Ring of thieves targeting heavy duty trucks in Central Indiana

One of those trucks, a 2005 Ford F-250, went missing on July 31 and was found August 3 chopped up into pieces.

"They found the top of the hood, the seat, bed frame all cut into pieces," said truck owner Stephen Roberts.

The thieves failed to remove all the decals from the truck, which helped police find its owner.

Roberts says he me look at getting a GM truck in the future, since Fords are such popular targets for thieves.

"We'll have to start looking at GM products, Chevy, because Fords are so easy to get into," he said.

John Schmitz was at a doctor's appointment in July when his 2005 F-250 was stolen. It was found August 6 full of thieves' tools.

"This is what they pop the ignition with," Schmitz said. "I'm learning so much about car stealing."

The thieves also left behind sets of keys, a knife, and sensitive documents, including car titles and a birth certificate.

"They were coming back to this vehicle," Schmitz said. "They were using it to steal others."