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CALL 6: Three charged with human trafficking, promoting prostitution

Posted at 10:54 AM, Nov 10, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Three Indianapolis women are facing human trafficking and promoting prostitution charges following an investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Ciera Beauchamp, 24, is charged with promotion of human trafficking of a minor and promoting prostitution, both felonies, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor.

The investigation began on Oct. 7 when officers were dispatched to a child custody disturbance and a 17-year-old girl identified by the initials “FS” said she no longer wanted to live with her court-appointed guardian, Ciera Beauchamp.

When the Indiana Department of Child Services investigated, FS revealed that she had been forced to prostitute while living with Beauchamp.

Investigators found Beauchamp advertised FS’s services on, and that Beauchamp used the money to pay for her rent and bills.

The teenage girl told investigators she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from one of the clients.

FS also told authorities that Beauchamp kept a small, black gun and had threatened her and her family with it, which caused her not to tell police for a long time.

The teen said Beauchamp had other people staying with them including a “Nicole” who went by “Sno Bunny Nikki” on her ads.

Beauchamp also insisted that FS go into places like Dollar General and steal items, including toiletries.

On October 19, police served a search warrant at Beauchamp’s apartment and discovered condoms, lingerie, and other items typically used during acts of prostitution.

On October 27, police interviewed “Nicole,” who is now 18, who said she had an agreement to prostitute out of Beauchamp’s apartment because she had no place to stay.

Beauchamp’s girlfriend, Ashley Breedlove, and sister Brandi Beauchamp are also charged with promotion of human trafficking of a minor and promoting prostitution.

Records show Breedlove and Brandi Beauchamp lived at Ciera Beauchamp’s apartment, quit their jobs and were relying on prostitution money to pay bills.

Breedlove denied much of her involvement to police, but a subpoena showed Breedlove’s email addresses were used to post the advertisements.

Brandi Beauchamp denied knowing FS was underage but admitted to going to hearings regarding Ciera Beauchamp’s guardianship of FS.

Ciera Beauchamp told police that she would drive FS to her boyfriends’ places, including hotels, and that she believed the money came from FS’s boyfriends.

“Ciera stated she believed FS might be tricking her into transporting her for dates for prostitution, but she did not want FS to run away, so she would allow her to do things of which she did not necessarily approve,” read the probable cause affidavit.

Beauchamp also admitted to sending FS into Dollar General to steal items, court records show.

All three women were charged Tuesday and are expected to appear in court Thursday at 1 p.m.

No attorney information is listed for them yet.

FS is now in foster care, records show.