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Carrier workers union takes aim at Pence, Trump

Posted at 8:34 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 22:54:37-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- The union that represents Carrier's workers in Indianapolis took aim this week at Gov. Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

The union says the governor's office has agreed to meet with them, but there's still nothing on the calendar.

"If you want to take credit for all those jobs coming to Indiana, and we're losing jobs due to corporate greed – I've got issues with that," said Chuck Jones, of the United Steelworkers Union Local 1999.

The governor's office was surprised by the claim from the United Steelworkers Union Local 1999. The office says it has not received any requests from the union. Pence's office also pointed out that the governor met with representatives from Local 1999 in March.

Carrier plans to being layoffs next year, and has rejected all offers to keep jobs at the plant, including the Steelworkers' plan to save $25 million. The company has said it wants $65 million in savings.

Since meeting with the governor back in March, the union hoped the governor would help them apply more pressure on Carrier's parent company, United Technologies.

"It ain't about union – these are human beings," Jones said. "They live in Indiana, and he ought to do everything he could to try to save these jobs in the state."

The governor's campaign says Pence made sure Carrier's parent company refunded more than $1 million in tax credits and grants and secured the future of 400 research and development jobs.

"He's very committed that these workers are transitioned in the best way possible, and to growing jobs for all Hoosiers to transition to," said Pence campaign spokesman Marc Lotter.

The union is backing Democrat John Gregg for governor. During the primaries they endorsed Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders over Trump.

"[Pence] and Trump would be a hell of a team," Jones said. "All we need is a circus tent up – a couple of elephants – hell of a circus going on."

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